Bay Shores Yacht

and Tennis Club

Indian Shores, Florida

A Message from the President...





A special thank you to AMG and Jay Fink, our property manager, for creating this web site.  My goal will be to use this site for important communication to all Bay Shore Yacht & Tennis Club owners.


Special recognition also goes to the members of the Board of Directors you have elected for their efforts as a team to address the many property and management issues presented in the past year.  Our association is best served when the board is able to incorporate the talents of all members in its direction of the association.


It has been rewarding to work with this board and benefit from their choice of AMG as the property manager for our association.  The first year has not been without challenges; however, with your support we can all benefit from the improvements accomplished in the past year: dredging of slips, new pool and hot tub heater, roof and all air conditioning services, laundry rooms, hospitality room, kitchen, bathrooms, etc.


There still remain property maintenance topics to be addressed, even as work on the elevators has been authorized by the board and the inclusive repair and painting of the building exterior reaches completion.


Looking ahead, this site will serve as our opportunity to share our perspective of future planning and goals as outlined by our board, consistent with our Bylaws and legal analysis and the direction and assistance of property manager Jay Fink of AMG.  In all cases, our expectations remain that updates, announcements and communication on projects and issues of importance will come to you from AMG, either Jay Fink or Judy Chandler who has demonstrated a professional dedication to the daily management of our property.  The board is appreciative of her time spent on site and her attention to detail in service to BSYTC.


At the membership meeting in December, you approved a review of our Articles and Bylaws, and recently the board approved updates to our General Rules.  In follow-up communication, I will address in detail the process for the change and the steps for implementation.


Morrall Claramunt, President

Bay Shore Yacht & Tennis Club




Initially scheduled to start at the end of January and be completed by the middle of March, the project was expanded – with the approval of the board – to include both the kitchen area and the adjacent bathrooms.  Completion and cost were further complicated by learning the air conditioning units for the facilities were either inoperable or barely working.  The problem was solved by replacing three (3) units with one.


Now that the Hospitality facilities are again ready for use, and in recognition of the investment made by the association, there will be a new fee schedule for the renting of the facilities.  There remains NO fee for all association and membership activities.  The fee schedule only applies where rental is made for a member and/or renter, making the room NOT available to all other owners.  There was a great deal of discussion on this topic, and the Hospitality room differs from other “common areas” in that an owner or renter cannot rent the pool or tennis courts to the exclusion of all other owners.




Attorney Johnathon Damonte has been reviewing our documents.  All recommendations to update, revise or change to comply with Florida statute will be sent to you for consideration at the annual meeting.




The rules addressing the common elements of our property, i.e., pool, laundry, tennis courts, etc., were reviewed and updated by board member Bill Adler and the board with review by owners and property manager AMG.


The restated rules were adopted and approved by the board at the April 5th board meeting.  As the rules are distributed to you by our property manager AMG, I encourage you to both review and, if you have renters or others using your condo unit, please share the rules with them.


Frequently most problems occur when occupants new to our property are unaware of the general rules.


Noteworthy changes include:


Stored Vehicle

Only owners can store a vehicle on property and, if not being used, for only up to one year.



Because damage has been done in the past to our pilings with no record of the responsible party, occupants using our slips must provide a Certificate of Insurance to the property manager.


Hours Open

Again the incidents of damage to our property in the evenings and the incidents of trespassing dictated a need to adopt a uniform time for closing.  While most associations close use of the recreational areas at “dusk,” the board approved a closure for the pool, the hot tub, and the tennis courts at 10:00 p.m.  Further security measures are also being considered to protect our property from vandals and trespassers after hours.


Weekly Rental

While widely understood that the minimum rental period has been one week, it is now clearly stated in our rules.


General Rules/Conclusion

AMG has worked tirelessly to both improve our property and make your time at Bay Shores an enjoyable experience for you and your guests.  I encourage you to share with Judy Chandler, our resident manager, the names and contact numbers of your guests so that you can be promptly notified in the event of an emergency.